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PR professional

Looking for a Sales & Marketing and Writing & Content Freelancer

UNDECIDED is the first immersive and interactive Reality TV app that allows users to step into people’s lives... "You decide, they do it" We are launching in March 2018, with already a direct reach of over 6 million potential users, 10 thousand influencers and 30 thousand Journalists plus brand sponsors. To support our online advertisement and digital marketing strategy, we are looking for a PR professional who can help us get initial coverage in mainstream media - nationals and regionals to create impact and also to build credibility and engagement with our target audience as well as to showcase what we have achieved with future investors. We are looking to launch initially in the US & UK and are looking for help with our PR strategy for future growth, as well as helping us get online and digital media exposure across key publications. As our brand grows, we will be providing ongoing PR to our 'Icons' (the Undecided stars that our audiences have voted for and stay tuned too) to help them build their personal brands and in turn build more brand awareness of our reality TV app. If you can help we would love to hear from you!

Max. Budget: £250.00

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