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Long Term Content Strategist Writer Needed! £1800-2400/month (Experience in Finance)

Looking for a Writing & Content, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal, and Data Entry & Admin Freelancer

We're building a website that is around the investment niche. Our niches within the finance/investment arena fall under the following: General Finance/Investing Stock market Forex Cryptocurrencies Property We're only interested in working with someone who is dedicated to work in our company. Our target market is in the UK. All content should be written with knowledge of UK laws etc so we're ultimately looking for someone from the UK. We're a UK company with our support office in the Philippines. You'll be responsible for managing 3 of our writers here, editing and proofreading their articles. You'll need to manage, assign and organize subject lines/topics of articles, for the writers to create. As for all the important articles, that will be used for content such as eBooks and other downloadable lead magnets will be written by yourself and proofread by myself. You'll be able to manage your team through our slack channel and on a spreadsheet where all the categories, subject lines, links to articles for inspiration and links will be placed in. Experience in Social media marketing is a plus. To show that we're serious and only wish to work with dedicated people, we would be happy to offer a contract from our UK company to you, however still obviously pay through Freelancer.com The amount of hours that you will need to work is an average of 6 hours a day, 5 days a week mon-fri, your working hours are flexible, with all UK holidays included. However we won't judge your work by the time that you spend, but instead by quota's that you will need to reach. Salary is negotiable. Look forward to a long term working relationship!

Max. Budget: £18.00

Ends in 7 days

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