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Help me with Internet Marketing

Looking for a Sales & Marketing and Writing & Content Freelancer

Required to creating Series of Template driven email marketing campaigns to promote product signup for the B2B Marketplace , using Templates, Infographics, apply Right Content using the Researched Data ( Already there ) , These Campaigns must effectively lead to proper communication of the intended message to the potential Users of B2B target audience and Effectively Sign-up for the Free trials , Effectively Convey message of the Story of the B2B market place through a series of Email Campaigns directed towards the various levels of on boarded members and potential Members Effectively use the product plethora of features generating effective onboarding programs, these Campaigns must effectively lead to proper communication of the message to the potential onboarding and devises campaign, and launches email campaign to create buzz leading to or generate leads for the business Project Requirement regularly to provide (long term) • Create Series of email marketing Emailers , Newsletters using our Pre Researched Data Effectively Communicate to the target audience using Combination of Text , Images , Infographics images and delivery in succulent Effective language Using The our Researched data and drive the message in series of template Emailers Effectively. • Ensure marketing message is conveyed clearly and delivered properly to prospects. Using our researched data • Select the right format of the Email template suitable for our campaigns and Ensure messages are sent in proper form and template. • Proof read emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling. • Include specific graphics, incentives, and detailed descriptions. • Review messages for brevity. • Create Regularly a Series of Newsletters campaigns Build content and Design and write press releases. Freelancers / Full timers can contact us with proposals for long terms contracts ranging for more than a year, With Warm Regards. S. Arun kumar Compulease Networks Pvt Ltd / Dell Technologies # 27, 9th cross, 7th main, Malleshwram, Bangalore 560003 Karnataka State, INDIA E-Mail: dellarun@ rentalnetworks.com Tel: 091-80-23365879 / 23311570 Mobile: 091 9886207777 USA: 1-860-730-3336, UK: 0162-2236205 Skype : dellarun Email Marketing Templates Creation Specialist

Max. Budget: £1,250.00

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